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Captain Vince Liberto, Jr

Like any traumatic event, most Mandeville residents probably remember exactly where

they were and what they were doing on that seemingly normal Friday afternoon in

September when the tranquility of our little town was suddenly and violently shattered.

 It was sometime after 2 p.m. when I got the first vague news alertcon my phone, and a friend soon followed up with a text about what she’d heard.

Fritz Salmen

If  you tour around Slidell, you may notice that, like most cities and towns, many local forefathers and historical figures have been honored in the naming of streets, buildings and parks. Basic research on some of these

notables, like John Slidell (who never actually lived there), Baron Friedrich Erlanger, Col. Leon J. Fremaux and Francois Cousin, yields instant and fairly thorough results.

Abbey Crafts

A close look at a box of Monksweets candy shows two special ingredients – love and prayers – in addition to the peanuts, sugar and salt needed for the bite-size treats made on the grounds of St. Joseph Abbey and Seminary College north of Covington. “The fi rst day we made it, the fi rst thing we did was to pray,” said Brother Leo França, who manages Monksweets.